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Bubble - Sound Of Silence

Bubble - Sound Of Silence
LabelMushy Records
Typealbum, CD

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Bubble - Sound of Silence


01 Bubble - Divine
02 Bubble - Sound Of Silence
03 Bubble - We're Gonna B Cool
04 Bubble - Elect-On
05 Bubble - Loose Control
06 Bubble - Star Wars
07 Bubble - I'm Looking (Unique vs Rewind Evolution Remix)
08 Bubble - La Revolcion
09 Bubble - Eve Electro
10 Bubble - Ambivalent Frequency

After releasing their debut album in 2005 and passing through a long musical and spiritual journey.

Bubble (Guy Sarnat and Karen Bagdasarov) are back with their second album entitled Sound of Silence. A gained experience together with intense studio work generated that unique and advanced sound that has become Bubble's trademark.The new album features a wide variety of musical elements.

Skillful innovating production, Vocal and instrumental recordings and influences that are related to a wide range of musical fields, all of them combined, build a strong and powerful piece that radiant with emotion and energy. When ethnic vibes collides with state of the art music machinery and Indian sitar clashes rocking vocal roars, something erupts

All Mastered and cooked by the hands of this creative duo, surely, the result is worthy of its high attention.Bubble welcomes you to join them in their trip, so sweat it on the dance floor or let it vibrate your home. Experience music's diversity, and enjoy the loud Sound of Silence

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