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Entheogenic - Golden Cap

Entheogenic - Golden Cap
LabelChillcode Records
Typealbum, CD

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Entheogenic - Golden Cap


01 Entheogenic - Midnight Eyes
02 Entheogenic - Sideways
03 Entheogenic - Golden Cap
04 Entheogenic - Zero Plus
05 Entheogenic - Kashmir Day Trip
06 Entheogenic - The Solution Machine
07 Entheogenic - Absphinx
08 Entheogenic - Secret Tongues
09 Entheogenic - Ju

This album is a new definition of psychedelic worldmusic. This release doesn't need many words, Entheogenic is finally back with an impressive release... New moving fresh'n crispy basslines, ethnic vocals and psychedelic sounds with new accoustic ingredients and elements... This new production is an outstanding collection of different kinds of psychedelic chillout, a diversified and fascinating mixture. Entheogenic comes with a new style, more innovative and unique than ever.

Entheogenic - Golden Cap: Front