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Kluster - Missing Link

Kluster - Missing Link
LabelDigital Psionics
Typealbum, CD

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Kluster - Missing Link


01 Kluster - Head In The Clouds
02 Kluster - Rhythm Fools
03 Kluster - Benzene
04 Kluster - Frosty Fog
05 Kluster - Definition Of Magnetic power
06 Kluster - Mental Expedition
07 Kluster - Mind Control
08 Kluster - Ladu Lazer
09 Kluster - L.S.D.

Digital Psionics presents Kluster Missing Link.

Missing link is the 3rd album from Kluster, He has developed a style that creates an emotional response in the dancer, a mood that produces a creative experience. Music that resonates the sunrise, swinging the dancer to the point of balance.

There is no conspiracy to the sound that is Kluster, serious fun, earth bound, like staring a single eye into the sun. Each track presented on this disk is a new journey into a different line of motion, Warm funky groove to the twisted powered tunes. Such a collection can be proven to hold its longevity it the disposable psychedelic styles of today.

So grab that pyramid and prey to RAM, Acend to the quad core silicon slam, where sound becomes code, code becomes king, and the dust klusters within.

Are you lost? In trance?

Kluster is the missing link

Kluster - Missing Link: Front