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Various Artists - Psionic Moove

Various Artists - Psionic Moove
LabelDigital Psionics
Typecompilation, CD


01 2 Minds - Rock And Roll
02 KoxBox & Tube - Damage Control
03 Ranji - Break The Beat
04 Exaile - In Your Face
05 Burn In Noise - Cosmic Haze
06 Safi Connection - The Key (UFO Remix)
07 Safi Connection - Acid Test
08 Psycho Punk - Subversa
09 E-Fact & System Brothers - N.N.
10 Fractal Glider - Vamos Brazilia

Digital Psionics presents Psionic Moove

Moove is the second feature of the Double O series.
Our secret agent has been gathering coded audio information infiltrated from behind the coloured curtain. He has the found the blueprints for a subspace rainbow bomb, a glitter powered fractal blinding particle audio accelerator.

Super vinyl villain Safi Connection, has come up with the key elements for such a creation. 11 hand collected, finger picked, nuclide artefacts found on the flip side of the periodic table. Koxbox, Exaile, UFO, Tube, Ranji, Burn in Noise, Psycho Punk, Safi Connection, Efact , System Brothers, and Fractal Glider.

Digital Psionics has stored the blueprints on a coded CD called Psionic Moove, be careful with this data, its can self replicate dancing, with some minor multi coloured side effects.
If your condition persists please consult your local trance floor.

Moove with the double O groove.

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