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Liquid Stranger - The Invisible Conquest

Liquid Stranger - The Invisible Conquest
LabelInterchill Records
Typealbum, CD

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Liquid Stranger - The Invisible Conquest


01 Liquid Stranger - Vibration Ruling The Nation
02 Liquid Stranger - Liquid Stranger On The Run
03 Liquid Stranger - Djarum Express
04 Liquid Stranger - Familiar And Unknown
05 Liquid Stranger - Drop Sacrifice
06 Liquid Stranger - Splash Matters
07 Liquid Stranger - Cook N Curry
08 Liquid Stranger - Wallflower
09 Liquid Stranger - Confusion
10 Liquid Stranger - Mutants (Sneaky And Adaptable Remix)
11 Liquid Stranger - Doncamatic
12 Liquid Stranger - Faun On The Waters

Interchill Records is back with another bass-heavy artist album, this time courtesy of Liquid Stranger. The Invisible Conquest' is the next chapter in Interchill's dub travelogue composed by Swedish born Martin Staaf - also known as one half of the former Scandinavian techno/progressive project Necton. With tracks on previous Interchill compilations like Earth Octave Lounge Vol. 2', Dissolving Clouds' and Bliminal', Liquid Stranger brings his unique atmospheric flavour to the new skool dubtronica genre via melodic bass lines, percussive grooves, tribal accents and minimal psychedelic overlays. Strongly referencing the foundations of traditional dub while adding a new spin that is all his own, Liquid Stranger takes the listener on a mesmerizing downtempo journey into the world of sound, rhythm and vision. Staying true to Interchill's roots, this is a new take on organic electronica for expanding minds.

Liquid Stranger - The Invisible Conquest: Front