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Various Artists - Absolute Trancelucent

Various Artists - Absolute Trancelucent
LabelTrancelucent Productions
Typecompilation, CD

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Cosmic Tone - Absolute Trancelucent


01 Cosmic Tone vs Noga - Uniting Forces
02 System Nipel - Absolute Trancelucent
03 Etic - Wishes (In-Panic Remix)
04 Electro Sun vs Bizzare Contact - I've Got The Power (Cosmic Tone Remix)
05 Quantum - Hotpot
06 The Misted Muppet - Spiritual Visions (Noga Remix)
07 Insomnia - Minister Of The Beast
08 Visual Paradox vs Insomnia - Trancelucid
09 Loud feat. Homsy - Go Go

Absolute Trancelucent, the first bomb from the Trancelucent stables for 2007.

A powerful full power release produced by Trancelucent Productions dream team and associated artists.

Absolute Trancelucent is the 20th release, an anniversary CD, from Trancelucent Productions, founded in 2001 by Homsy.Homsy has hand picked 9 gems, all dance floor hits fit for kings, produced solely by Trancelucent Productions fine crew of artists, including tracks and remixed tracks from Electro Sun, Bizzare Contact, Cosmic Tone, Etic, Insomnia, Quantum, Loud, Noga, System Nipel and Visual Paradox (Dj Bog).

This is an energetic blasting release bearing an exquisite flow, a strong mature release from this strong and mature label, whose artists have been rapidly influencing and effecting dance floors all over the world, crossing border, fussing cultures

Mega active in pretty much all continents of the world.Pop up the bottle to grasp the magnificent, colorful, infectious world of Trancelucent Productions

Absolute Trancelucent is definitely one of those rear CD's which not only bear a cool concept but is highly uncompromised, a brilliant selection of music.

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