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Igal Magitman

Elec3Roman Brisker , Igal Magitman , Leonid Koyphman
EticIgal Magitman
Igal MagitmanIgal Magitman
MagitmanIgal Magitman



Etic - Touch UpsTrancelucent ProductionsTP092004
Etic - FeedbackTrancelucent ProductionsTP132005
Etic - Zooming OutTrancelucent ProductionsTP192007


Etic - 1 DayTrancelucent ProductionsTP12CD
Etic - 1st. ElementTrancelucent ProductionsTP09CD
Etic - 2 Sec 2 GoTrancelucent ProductionsTP19CD
Etic - A-uTrancelucent ProductionsTP09CD
Etic - Aspects Of MusicTrancelucent ProductionsTP13CD
Etic - AyokaYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE192CDCD
Etic - ContactLeguan RecordsDA56040-2CD
Etic - Dance ProofTrancelucent ProductionsTP19CD
Etic - Deep Night Dream (D.N.D)Trancelucent ProductionsTP09CD
Etic - Electrical InspirationTrancelucent ProductionsTP13CD
Etic - FeedbackTrancelucent ProductionsTP13CD
Etic - Got My Senses BackTrancelucent ProductionsTP13CD
Etic - Human VoiceTrancelucent ProductionsTP09CD
Etic - Last TuneTrancelucent ProductionsTP13CD
Etic - Late Echoes Of GoaTrancelucent ProductionsTP13CD
Etic - Mental TelepathyTrancelucent ProductionsTP19CD
Etic - Minority (Aerospace Remix)Yellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE155CDCD
Etic - Minority (Etic Remix)Trancelucent ProductionsTP19CD
Etic - MiscommunicationTrancelucent ProductionsTP13CD
Etic - Night TimeTrancelucent ProductionsTP09CD
Etic - Nothing Will Destroy Our CircleTrancelucent ProductionsTP19CD
Etic - On ProcessYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE110CDCD
Etic - On ProcessMidijum RecordsMDCD28CD
Etic - One Man Band (O.M.B)Trancelucent ProductionsTP09CD
Etic - OutroTrancelucent ProductionsTP19CD
Etic - R U CoolTrancelucent ProductionsTP13CD
Etic - Searching For The SameSynergetic RecordsSYNCD18CD
Etic - SleeplessSpin Twist RecordsSTICD014CD
Etic - Some Pieces In Half SpeedTrancelucent ProductionsTP09CD
Etic - Sub MissionTrancelucent ProductionsTP19CD
Etic - The Last RaverTrancelucent ProductionsTP19CD
Etic - Touch UpsTrancelucent ProductionsTP09CD
Etic - Untitled YetTrancelucent ProductionsTP13CD
Etic - Using The MusicTrancelucent ProductionsTP19CD
Etic - Winter IntroTrancelucent ProductionsTP09CD
Etic - WishesTrancelucent ProductionsTP13CD
Etic - Wishes (In-Panic Remix)Yellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE148CDCD
Etic - Wishes (In-Panic Remix)Trancelucent ProductionsTP18CD
Etic - X-PressTrancelucent ProductionsTP19CD
Etic - Zooming OutTrancelucent ProductionsTP19CD


Etic & Orgapulse - Daylight Hookers (Cimi Remix)Furthur ProgressionsFPRCD001CD
Etic feat. Annarchy - Symbols n' NumbersTrancelucent ProductionsTP19CD
Etic vs DJ Ayawaska - The Ayahuaska ExperienceYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE109CDCD
Etic vs DJ Ayawaska - The Ayahuaska ExperienceTrancelucent ProductionsTP14CD
Etic - Touch Ups Etic - Feedback Etic - Zooming Out