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Various Artists - Black Project: D.A.T.A.

Various Artists - Black Project: D.A.T.A.
LabelMass Abduction Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Neuromotor - Elements
02 Orca - Orcadelic
03 Guinea Pigs - Brain Caged
04 Ankur & Momo - Berlin On Ice
05 Ocelot - Woot
06 Psychoz - Nonsense Voodoo Curse
07 Cosmo - Wicked Hayo
08 Plankton - Malevolent
09 Audiopathik & Xikwry Neyra & Master Pain - There Will Be Blood

After recovering lost data from a U.F.O. crash in the desert, nine files were found, and within each file a series of algorithms. This data was taken for research by the chosen ones with each of the nine files downloaded into nine different minds to achieve one common task. The experiment was called BLACK PROJECT: D.A.T.A. Decoded Alien Transmitted Audio. Mass Abduction will release their second compilation featuring tracks from some of the best known dark trance artists from all over the world as well as from newcomers.

Various Artists - Black Project: D.A.T.A.: Front