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Various Artists - Generator Operator Destroyer

Various Artists - Generator Operator Destroyer
LabelTemple Twisters Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 The Nommos - Electromagnetic Waves
02 Dejan vs Shenz - Extract It
03 Flipknot vs Jun - All Souls Day
04 Zik vs Orestis - Crackle Circles
05 Kerosene Club - Execute Order 66
06 Highko - Friend Or Enemy
07 Kerosene Club - Synthesised Garbage
08 Samadhi - Orange
09 Dark Nebula - Cows In Mongolia

Temple Twisters Records decodes release number IV in form of Generator - Operator -Destroyer (G.O.D.)

A Highly anticipated release of the season features Goa Gil and Ariane project - The Nommos, Highko, Flipknot v.s Jun, Kerosene Club, Samadhi, Zik v/s Orestis,Dejan v/s Shenz,Orca and Dark Nebula. We refuse to elaborate more on the significance of the cd and Let the music do the talking.

Let the Generation of the Operation of the Destruction begin.

Kerosene Club - Execute Order 66

The time has come! Execute order 66!

Lord Sidius from 'Star Wars Episode 3'

Various Artists - Generator Operator Destroyer: Front