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Various Artists - Goa Trip 1

Various Artists - Goa Trip 1
LabelGoa Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Goa Trip - Goa Trip V.1 by Dr. Spook - Special Edition Psychedelic Goa Trance DJ Set Version


01 Genetic Spin - Digital Dollars
02 Atma - Beyond Good and Evil
03 Mr Peculiar - Crystal Myth
04 Quadra - Vibrations
05 Intersys - Sycoactive
06 Cosmic Tone - Liquid Dwarf
07 Brain Damage - Virus Player
08 Elec3 - 40 Amps
09 Ultravoice - Multi
10 Twisted Reaction - Twisted Illusions
11 Chromosome - Unstreamable

01 Dark Nebula - Space Weed
02 Pheonix Family - Chronic Tonic
03 Meta - Amorphous
04 Psynina - The Legend Sophia Scholl
05 Random - Cosmic Puzzle
06 Bodhisattva 13:20 - Gung Fu Trippers
07 Neuromotor - Drumatik Vision
08 Rastaliens - Evil Extra Terrestrials
09 Bus - Full Monty Jacket
10 Penta - Frankenstein 2001

Goa Trip Vol. 1 is the first enlightening and smashing double-cd series compilation which will lead you to a space of darkness and light, day and night the consciousness and the unknown. You will be in the middle of sane and insane between two worlds of the goa - psychedelic trance genre. Each of these killer tracks brings you to the far end of reality and self-awareness. CD 1 will be featured by big names like Genetic Spin, Ultravoice, Quadra, Cosmic Tone and Chromosome.

CD 2 is representing the darker tunes of the goa-psy-world and its styles in between. So check out the tracklist with such burning names like Neuromotor, Penta, BUS, Rastaliens and more!

Both CDs will show you that only these two pieces together can be one in the end like the Yin Yang symbol itself. Enjoy 21 amazing good-listening tracks for any mood of your GOA trip!

Various Artists - Goa Trip 1: Front