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Various Artists - Ijigen - Another Dimension

Various Artists - Ijigen - Another Dimension
LabelKabrathor Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Fatal Discord - Evil Deed
02 Psyhamaa vs Psychorhythm - Rhythm Of Magic
03 Noise Gust - Another Part Of Yourself
04 Far East Ghost vs Hishiryo vs Psyhamaa - Out Of Dimension
05 Hishiryo - U Cannot
06 Fatal Discord vs Hishiryo - Ijiwaru
07 Baphomet Engine vs Far East Ghost - Depressive November
08 Hishiryo vs D-Fragmental - Herreticrectum (Far East Ghost Remix)
09 Hishiryo vs Valxi - Yuigadokuson
10 Far East Ghost - Overlord
11 Savage Scream - Alternative

Kabrathor strikes back with Japanese taste and presents "Ijigen - Another Dimension". Carefully produced and compiled by Hishiryo, Far East Ghost and Psyhamaa (half part of Baphomet Engine), this compilation brings new fresh, twisted, fast and madness sounds from Kabrathor producers with Japanese artists as Savage Scream, Noise Gust, Fatal Discord, Valxi and Psychorythm aka Dj Keiki. With this collection of high quality underground psytrance artists, Kabrathor Records wants to move your head to Another range of Psychedelic Dimensions.

Various Artists - Ijigen - Another Dimension: Front