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Various Artists - Los Maniacos

Various Artists - Los Maniacos
LabelKabrathor Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Baphomet vs Electrypnose vs Iguana - Garotos De Goa
02 Primitif Collective - The Hard Part (Electrypnose Remix)
03 Baphomet Engine vs DJ Zoim - Psycho Motor
04 Neo Vox - Other People
05 D-Fragmental - Los Maniacos
06 Torog - Kobolts
07 Dejan - 3000
08 Karash - Chupa Cabra
09 Noon - Mugen
10 Hishiryo vs Killermind - Beyond The Ocean

Kabrathor Records proudly presents Los Maniacos, one compilation with fresh, freaky and twisted sounds. Dj Zapata aka D-Fragmental brings to the dance floor a big selection of tracks and artists on his first compilation.

This compilation starts with a quite calm trip, and track by track Dj Zapata does one journey, traveling around deep and psychedelic stuff and finishing with fast and agressive tunes.

The release includes 10 tracks, mixing all Kabrathor Family Artist and Dj's... also with new guests as NeoVox and Iguana (Naked Tourist).

Various Artists - Los Maniacos: Front