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Neo Vox

MembersJoao Paulo Bruno , Felipe Gomes
Neo Vox is formed by two insane dreamers from Brazil.

Joao Paulo Bruno aka Bruno D. has started to work with music in 1995 as a hip-hop dj. Around 2001, Bruno got into psychedelic trance and he decided to turn up his career as a psychedelic trance dj.

Two years later he met Felipe Gomes and he saw that Felipe had a good knowledge about music as well. The Neo Vox project was born.

Both guys have dark influences and want to explore new ways of making dark psytrance.

This is a story to be continued...


Joao Paulo Bruno

Neo VoxJoao Paulo Bruno , Felipe Gomes

Felipe Gomes

Neo VoxJoao Paulo Bruno , Felipe Gomes


Neo Vox - BigtitspatrolD-A-R-K RecordsDARKCD002CD
Neo Vox - Freaky NotionD-A-R-K RecordsDARKCD001CD
Neo Vox - GodkillerGolden Dawn RecordsGOD003CD
Neo Vox - Other PeopleKabrathor RecordsKBRTHCD004CD
Neo Vox - The AnxiousShaman Films RecordsSHAMFCD006CD
Neo Vox - The ArsonistTriplag MusicTRPLGCD001CD
Neo Vox - Ultra Coma (Remix)Nabi RecordsNABICD006CD


Cannibal BBQ vs Neo Vox - FreakmasterTremors Underground ProductionsTUP08-03CD
Datakult vs Neo Vox - VisionsTremors Underground ProductionsTUP08-03CD
Neo Vox vs Cannibal Barbecue - Cannibal De La VoxTemple Twisters RecordsTTRCD06CD
Neo Vox vs Karmazon - Time Is PastShaman Films RecordsSHAMFCD006CD