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Various Artists - Phunk Core

Various Artists - Phunk Core
LabelDoof Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Pantomiman - Phunk Core


01 Pantomiman - Tikva
02 Oracle - The Human Brain
03 Illegal Machines - Fucking Confuse
04 Psykodroids - Vegetal Twist
05 B55 - Brave
06 Entropy - One More
07 Rev & B55 - Succubus
08 Pantomiman - Trip Trap
09 Cactus - Lord Of
10 Illegal Machines - Misu Soup

After a long and fruitful winter, Doof dj DICA has gathered up some of the best tracks, to prepare you for a hot summer! Old Doofers besides new, bringing each his own unique and special sounds, reflecting the new age of the renewing scene. With some dark and funny night music to shiver your souls and with many surprising new talents that will rock the dance floors this summer. Take cover while their intense baselines press hard and pick up with a blend of full power psychedelic trance and techno.

A dream team of darkpsy producers, and a fascinating voyage for all psy lovers!

Secure your speakers and get ready for take off.

Various Artists - Phunk Core: Front