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Various Artists - Power Unit

Various Artists - Power Unit
LabelMagma Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Power Unit (Compiled By Domateck)


01 Insomnia - Rewind Of Vibes
02 Domateck - Face Wash
03 Tactic Mind vs Anymatic - The Exit
04 Perlook - Stopping The Time
05 Sundose - Walking On Sunshine
06 Optical Vision - Overdrive
07 2 Minds - In Balance
08 Domateck - Power Unit
09 ITP - Not Responding (Volcano Remix)
10 Crystal Sound feat. Noa Bach - Diving

Magma Records is delighted to announce the release of its brand new compilation series, "Power Unit" Compiled by dream team Domateck.
"Power Unit" includes 10 fresh innovative tracks, 9 Psychedelic Full-On Trance delights and a moving, deep and emotional Chill Out masterpiece, closing off this rocking release.

A selection of powerful track, full of color and spice, handpicked by Magma Records team Domateck.

This Power Unit includes tracks by INsomnia, Perlook, ITP, Tactic Mind Vs. Anymatic, 2Minds, Sundose, Optical Vision, Crystal sound… and of course 2 mind blowing tracks by Domateck.
Domateck are Meir Azoulay (1985 Aka Zodiac) and Asher Sabag (1986 Aka Prophetic Vision), both possessing rich experience in the art of production of Trance music, in various project throughout the years.

Domateck are planning to release their highly anticipated Debut Album "Beast the Beat" during 2008 (Magma Records).
The Domateck infectious style can be best described as Powerful Dance Floor music with highly invested openings, emotional melodies, pumping beat-breaks, Vocals and Aggressive Kick-Bass, tightly produced achieving Top class sound production results.

Various Artists - Power Unit: Front