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Various Artists - Solar Agent

Various Artists - Solar Agent
LabelAlchemy Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Rinkadink - Solar Agent


01 Perfect Stranger & Morax - Mountain High
02 Rinkadink - Sweat And Tears
03 Headroom - Get Cape Down
04 Polaris - Base Pumping
05 Commercial Hippies - Come And Play
06 Freakulizer - Brain Generated Music
07 Earthling vs Poli - Bass Cadet
08 Broken Toy - Hit & Miss
09 Cosmosis & Shakta - Scientific
10 Rinkadink & Protoculture - Poolside Killer (Freakulizer Remix)

01 Perfect Stranger & Morax - Mountain High
02 Headroom - Get Cape Down (Rough Mix)
03 Freakulizer - Brain Generated Music
04 Rinkadink & DJ Spencer - Spectral Monkey (Rinkadink 2006 Remix)
05 Polaris - Base Pumping
06 Cosmosis & Shakta - Scientific
07 Broken Toy - Hit & Miss
08 Commercial Hippies - Come And Play
09 Earthling vs Poli - Bass Cadet
10 Freakulizer - Sublimal Message
11 Rinkadink - Sweat And Tears
12 Rinkadink & Protoculture - Poolside Killer (Freakulizer Remix)

Alchemy Records is proud to present their 21st CD release - a very special fifth anniversary compilation 'SOLAR AGENT', which has been eight months in the making.

Compiled by Dj Shane Gobi, SOLAR AGENT coincides with the fifth birthday celebrations of Alchemy Records in 2006. A double CD featuring the cream of Alchemy artists and friends.

SOLAR AGENT- CD 1 is a 10 track cd compilation featuring the cream of Alchemy artist along with some breaking new talent. Shane Gobi has taken every caution to break away from the tired psy trance norms. All tracks on the compilation were written especially for SOLAR AGENT, from the progressive vibes of Perfect Stranger & Morax to the hard hitting Broken Toy grooves. This release is designed to be an innovative journey in trance.

This CD hold no boundaries, some may call it full-on, some may call it progressive......we call it SOLAR AGENT ;)

CD2 (Bonus CD )
This is a FREE mix cd by one of the most requested international psy trance dj's. Shane Gobi needs no introduction, over the past 5 years Shane has headlined some of the biggest international festivals around the globe, VooV, Boom, Sonica, Full Moon & The Glade Festival, to name a few. His dj style is best described as fluid, innovative mixing of progressive and full on, and always with a bit of a twist.

The Solar Agent mix cd features the 10 tracks from the compilation with alternative versions of Headroom' and Polaris'....... and if that's not enough? we have thrown in 3 additional, exclusive tracks; Rinkadink & Dj Spencer - Spectral Monkey (2006 Rinkadink rmx) , Freakulizer - Subliminal Message and the all time Logic Bomb classic "Frequent Flyer" remixed by Freakulizer and Rinadink (FreakaDink rmx). All additional tracks will be exclusive to this bonus mix cd.

Various Artists - Solar Agent: Front