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Various Artists - Escape From Chaos

Various Artists - Escape From Chaos
LabelTempest Recordings
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Escape from Chaos


01 Terra Nine - Foxtrot Alpha
02 Spies vs Red Eye Express - Sogno D'Oro
03 Eridani - Zero Crossing
04 Random Designers vs Arcane Trickster - Golden Triangle (Terra Nine Remix)
05 Emu - Homeland
06 Side Liner - Moonlight
07 Omm Squad vs Psyburbia - The Exploration Of Deep Bass
08 Terra Nine vs Random Designers - Entelechy
09 System 7 - Alpha Wave (Mirror System Remix)
10 Zero Cult - Utopia Train
11 Geo - Glow Motion (Short Edit)
12 Red Eye Express - Aqua

With the release of “Escape from Chaos”, the first in our Tempest Chill series, we explore the downtempo side of the label. Damiano Verna (Tempest Recordings) and Michael Westcot (Assemblage Records) have compiled a release featuring a mixture of established artists, new & upcoming outfits along with the mainstays of the label from all over the globe including the UK, France, Israel, Greece, Denmark, New Zealand and Australia. The soundscape varies from lush ambience to dub to downtempo breaks.

Various Artists - Escape From Chaos: Front