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Zero Cult

MembersEmil Ilyayev


Emil Ilyayev

Zero CultEmil Ilyayev



Zero Cult - Art of HarmonyCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD052006
Zero Cult - IkebanaCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD102007
Zero Cult - Dreams In StereoCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD162009


Zero Cult - 500 SecondsChillcode RecordsCHILLCD008CD
Zero Cult - AirChillcode RecordsCHILLCD008CD
Zero Cult - Aura ZeroCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD05CD
Zero Cult - Blue HarmonyCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD05CD
Zero Cult - Blur (Origion Remix)Cosmicleaf RecordsCLCD06CD
Zero Cult - Broken HopeCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD09CD
Zero Cult - ChemicaloveCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD10CD
Zero Cult - Cosmic NoiseCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD16CD
Zero Cult - DesolationTempest RecordingsTEM010CD
Zero Cult - Echoes (Cydelix Remix)Cosmicleaf RecordsCLCD10CD
Zero Cult - EdelweissCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD16CD
Zero Cult - Electro WindCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD16CD
Zero Cult - FlowCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD05CD
Zero Cult - FrozenCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD16CD
Zero Cult - IfYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE065CDCD
Zero Cult - IfCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD01CD
Zero Cult - IfCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD01SECD
Zero Cult - If (Stickleback vs Arcane Trickster Remix)Yellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE149CDCD
Zero Cult - Indigo DreamCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD16CD
Zero Cult - Inside The Urban OceanCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD16CD
Zero Cult - Irreversible MovingCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD05CD
Zero Cult - London 13Unicorn MusicUMCD013CD
Zero Cult - MonolifeCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD05CD
Zero Cult - Monolife (D.Batistatos Remix)Cosmicleaf RecordsCLCD10CD
Zero Cult - NeokarmaCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD05CD
Zero Cult - NeokarmaYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE128CDCD
Zero Cult - Night Out (D.Batistatos Remix)Cosmicleaf RecordsCLCD05CD
Zero Cult - Night Out (Max Mix)Cosmicleaf RecordsCLCD02CD
Zero Cult - NitrogenCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD10CD
Zero Cult - Once Upon A Time (Remix For Side Liner)Cosmicleaf RecordsCLCD16CD
Zero Cult - P-RayCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD01CD
Zero Cult - P-RayCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD01SECD
Zero Cult - P-Ray (Cydelix Remix)Cosmicleaf RecordsCLCD05CD
Zero Cult - Part Of RaptureCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD10CD
Zero Cult - RainspottingCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD10CD
Zero Cult - RedreamingCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD03CD
Zero Cult - Reflections (Side Liner Remix)Cosmicleaf RecordsCLCD05CD
Zero Cult - SeclusionCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD16CD
Zero Cult - SeclusionYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE166CDCD
Zero Cult - SerenityCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD10CD
Zero Cult - SerenityYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE177CDCD
Zero Cult - SubstanceUnicorn MusicUMCD012CD
Zero Cult - Till The MorningCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD16CD
Zero Cult - TripsphereCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD02CD
Zero Cult - Utopia TrainTempest RecordingsTEM008CD
Zero Cult - Utopia Train (Side Liner Remix)Cosmicleaf RecordsCLCD10CD
Zero Cult - Violet RoomCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD10CD
Zero Cult - Walking On The MoonCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD16CD
Zero Cult - X-SpaceCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD05CD
Zero Cult - Z-51Cosmicleaf RecordsCLCD10CD


Side Liner vs Zero Cult - Universal FlowCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD11CD
Will-O-The-Wisp vs Zero Cult - Sweet Stolen SongCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD13CD
Zero Cult - Art of Harmony Zero Cult - Ikebana Zero Cult - Dreams In Stereo