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Various Artists - Psyconnection - Compiled By Dj Seven

Various Artists - Psyconnection - Compiled By Dj Seven
LabelAgitato Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Cyber Cartel - Psyconnection - Compiled By DJ Seven


01 Space Buddha - Steam Phase
02 Toast3d - Full Tec
03 Eskimo vs John Phantasm - They're In Trouble Now!
04 X.S.I vs Nomad - Electronix
05 Opium Of The Masses - Energy Vacuum
06 Indra - Feel Free
07 Cyber Cartel - Science Of Isolation
08 DNA - Psyconnection
09 Beat Hackers vs Indra - New Order

Psyconnection crew & Agitato records are excited to reveal the "Psyconnection" V/A.

Knockout collaboration, that stands out with its fancy list of artists who are involved in the project.

"Psyconnection" V/A is compiled by Dj Seven, Psyconnection crew resident.

All tunes are previously unreleased & freshly squeezed & gathered for this compilation.

The prophecy behind this V/A carries the vision of Psyconnection crew events, its magical vibes & full-on super heroes' line ups.
This compilation is your personal direct connection to the global Psy energy sources.

Various Artists - Psyconnection - Compiled By Dj Seven: Front