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Lipe Forbes

EfexorLipe Forbes , Christian Zahn
OracleLipe Forbes , Frederico Botelho
SkulptorLipe Forbes



Skulptor - The Summer Is OverHigh End RecordsHECD012004
Skulptor - NaturalWired Music WMCD0092007


Skulptor - Acapulco GoldHigh End RecordsHECD01CD
Skulptor - Am I Afraid Of DeathHigh End RecordsHECD01CD
Skulptor - BeautifullWired Music WMCD009CD
Skulptor - BioHigh End RecordsHECD01CD
Skulptor - Bio (E-Fact Remix)Mandala RecordsMANCD05CD
Skulptor - Divine ProphecyMandala RecordsMANCD01CD
Skulptor - Feel Me With Your TouchWired Music WMCD014CD
Skulptor - Force Of GravityWired Music WMCD009CD
Skulptor - Missing my selvYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE042CDCD
Skulptor - Missing MyselfHigh End RecordsHECD01CD
Skulptor - Northern LigthsWired Music WMCD009CD
Skulptor - Over ShakedHigh End RecordsHECD01CD
Skulptor - Reason For Love (Burn In Noise Remix)Headroom ProductionsHRPCD002CD
Skulptor - Scream 4 LifeWired Music WMCD009CD
Skulptor - Searching For AnswersTurbo Trance RecordsTTRCD009CD
Skulptor - SoaringWired Music WMCD009CD
Skulptor - Sonic BoomWired Music WMCD009CD
Skulptor - The Degrees Of FreedomWired Music WMCD009CD
Skulptor - The Great EscapeWired Music WMCD009CD
Skulptor - The reason for loveHigh End RecordsHECD02CD
Skulptor - The StringsWired Music WMCD009CD
Skulptor - The Summer Is OverYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE052CDCD
Skulptor - The Summer Is OverCosmophiliaCOSMOCD03CD
Skulptor - The Summer Is OverHigh End RecordsHECD01CD
Skulptor - Walking In The Lords FieldsWFC BrazilWFC007CD
Skulptor - War HeadsHigh End RecordsHECD03CD
Skulptor - WarungHigh End RecordsHECD01CD
Skulptor - We Want Your SoulHigh End RecordsHECD04CD
Skulptor - You Have To Be MineHigh End RecordsHECD04CD
Skulptor - Zero OneHigh End RecordsHECD01CD


Perplex vs Skulptor - Take Me AwayAjuca ProductionsAJUCD005CD
Sharigrama vs Skulptor - Mysterious dreamPsyclon RecordsPSYCLONCD01CD
Skulptor & Waio - Deep OceanWired Music WMCD019CD
Skulptor & Waio - Floating The NatureWired Music WMCD022CD
Skulptor vs Chemical State - Learn To FlyHigh End RecordsHECD03CD
Skulptor vs Chemical State - Start Up SequenceHigh End RecordsHECD01CD
Skulptor vs SMS - Enviroment CatastropheHigh End RecordsHECD04CD
Skulptor vs Spectral Skunk - AnticlockwiseMandala RecordsMANCD01CD
Skulptor - The Summer Is Over Skulptor - Natural